Corporate Philosophy

Our Mission

Our company manufactures electrical drives for specific applications in order to realise in a most optimal way individually designed and customer-tailored drive solutions.

Achievement through Passion

  • To develop and improve innovative and specific drives
  • To produce high-performance products with a high-quality standard
  • To generate high customer satisfaction through a dependable delivery service


We are market leaders in supplying innovative and specialised products for machine- and equipment manufacturers. We orientate our performance and individually tailored solutions specific to customer requirements. We foster partnership cooperation with our customers - we offer our long-standing experience and our top-quality know-how. The layout of our processes enables us to react in a speedy and flexible way to satisfy our customer requirements.


Quality is first and foremost in recognising and meeting any customer requirements. Quality of the highest standard for products and processes is of the utmost importance to us, bolstered ever since our foundation and success of our company to date. Our understanding of top quality comprises a joint dedication of our know-how and fulfilling customer expectations and requirements. In order to achieve this, we seek a “zero-defect-culture”; this includes, a positive culture of learning and continuous improvement. Only with our highly specialised, experienced and motivated staff can this be achieved.

Staff Members

Our staff is the driving force of our company. There are many possibilities for growth and development for all staff members, at all levels. Remuneration is performance-related and in line with market standard. We foster an environment of collaboration and cooperation. Staff members are included in corporate responsibility and they are informed comprehensively and promptly during project-delivery.