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We consider ourselves not only as a lead provider of premium-quality electric drive solutions, but also as a reliable partner for customer liaison and support. We consider it our duty to be available in all matters arising within the entire lifetime of your machine by offering optimal service features. Supported by our highly qualified development-team and our integrated production processes, we achieve the highest operational standard in innovation and flexibility. It is our desire and aim to satisfy all customer expectations concerning the quality of our products. Customer value is central to our objective. Customer satisfaction to date is testament to our high service standards.

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Groschopp AG
Drives & More
Greefsallee 49
D 41747 Viersen

Tel: +49(0)2162 374 0
Fax: +49(0)2162 374 108

Sales Department


Mr. André Coolen-Pearse

Industry: Energy / Textile / Synthetic

Region: Germany / Switzerland  / France


Mr. Jürgen Dreier

Region: Germany

Mrs. Esra Dündar-Karaman

Region: Germany / Turkey

Ms. Carla Schmitz

International customer support

Technical Consulting

Mr. Wolf Meyer
Induction-motors / Commutator-motors / Centrifuges /  Switchgear units
Mr. Christian Skaletz
Induction-motors / Servo-motors / F & B
Tel.: +49 (0) 2162 374 - 205

Reparatur / Beanstandung Repair / Complaint

Mrs. Silvia Eickes


Quality management

Mr. Dieter Heichelt
Head of Quality Management



Mrs. Nabila Dewolfs