Compact, efficient and powerful servomotors

Low-voltage servomotors in automated guided vehicles Automated guided vehicles are increasingly being used in intralogistics to digitalize, automate and streamline various... more


New generation stainless steel motors

For all applications where weight reduction, corrosion resistance and economy are important. Whether induction, DC or permanently excited synchronous motors (servo motors) -... more


75 years Groschopp

Groschopp has every reason to celebrate this year. It all began in 1948 with the founding of EMW Elektro-Motoren-Feinbauwerk Groschopp & Co. GmbH in Mönchengladbach-Rheydt... more


New two-stage spurwheel gearbox

High ratios and high efficiency With the ZK series, Groschopp is launching new gearbox variants that offer high gear ratios and good efficiency thanks to the combination of... more


Ukraine war - How does Groschopp react and which impact does it have on the supply of our customers?

Our outrage regarding the conflict in Ukraine can hardly be put into words. We are deeply dismayed and our thoughts are with the Ukrainian citizens. In order to express our... more


Safety first - SPS Nuremberg this year without us

The Corona pandemic is unfortunately still having an impact on our business activities. The infection figures are rising again and with them the risk of infection. For this... more


Second corona vaccination carried out successfully

Groschopp employees are vaccinated! The preparations took several weeks to complete - vaccination area was set up, walkways marked, waiting zones defined.  On June 18, the... more


A clever processing module with a minutely adjustable feed rate

Individually and minutely adjustable feed rate is essential for dry-processing of drilling wood, aluminium, or plastics, to meet the demands posed by the textures of various... more



Although the Coronavirus is raging all over the world, global responses are rather mixed and less than satisfactory in certain circumstances. That is why, after the Coronavirus appeared in... more


"Sustainability through Quality" at the SPS Nuremberg

That is what you can expect                                in hall 1, booth 358 Customer-tailored drive solutions according to individual specifications; Motors, reducer... more


New servo motors extend the product portfolio

Groschopp supplemented their portfolio of standard drives by introducing a new model range: Servo motors of series EGKZ having outputs between 0.4 and 3 kW complement the... more


IGLC-Motors – Better than standard motors

Standardised AC-motors Worldwide known for customer-tailored and application-specific designed electric motors, Groschopp complements the portfolio by adding another type... more


The de-centralised servo-motor ‘NI’ made by Groschopp is encased within a robust stainless steel housing - an ideal prerequisite for any application in areas with strict hygienic requirements.

Whenever bread dough is kneaded, Pizza is topped or apple juice is bottled in the foodstuffs industry, hygiene has top priority. That is why components need to be (i)... more


The low-voltage-servo-motor EGK80-40 with integrated controller is an expansion of the 'Black Panther'-series.

The low-voltage-servo-motor of the 'Black Panther'-series made by Groschopp distinguishes itself by having extreme high power density, exact positioning and high energy... more


Groschopp – Pioneer in matters of Servo-Technology

Whether for high-voltage circuit breakers, X-ray equipment, bottling plant or rotisseries: the demands placed on every drive technology for machines, equipment or devices are... more


Low Voltage-Servo-motor EGK80-40, an expansion of the Black-Panther-Series

Maximum power output combined with extremely good synchronous drive properties aided by sinusoidal commutation. Compact, flexible and high power output: these are the motor... more


Robust AC-housing motors for versatile applications

AC-housing motors of the IG-type-series, made by Groschopp, are specially robust, reliable, and offer high performance. Moreover, they boast a good price-performance ratio.... more


Custom-made drive techniques for catering chains

Heat-resistant and robust drives made by Groschopp Grilled chickens, turning slowly on a skewer, are a feast for sore eyes and a culinary delight. Using modern techniques,... more


Action Session organized by the IHK (Chamber of Industry and Commerce)

In order to counteract an ever increasing estrangement between politics and business enterprises, the IHK has launched the action-session called 'Change-of-Shift'. Boiler-suit instead of... more


Hybrid Mobility Concept for Multi-functional Vehicles

Electrical Diesel-Drives made by Groschopp for reduced emissions. Groschopp AG has been developong and producing electrical drives for more than 90 years. The company, based... more


It moves! – Individual drives for conveyor techniques

Groschopp AG, Viersen offers customer-tailored solutions for diversified applications   more


New Drive Concepts for Industry and Electric Vehicles

Groschopp presents a new stainless steel motor with integrated planetary gear at the annual SPS IPC Drives 2017 from 28. to 30. November 2017. The company also displays the... more


Compact, powerful and multifunctionally configurable

Compact, flexible configurable and powerful: the new low-voltage servo-motor EGK65-30 NA, made by Groschopp. This drive comprises an integrated servo-controller... more


Individually and conceptionally designed motors for benchtop centrifuges

The requirements placed on benchtop centrifuges for clinical and scientific applications are manifold, and in most cases cannot be covered by motors 'off-the-shelf'. As an... more


Development of customer-tailored hand-held motors at Groschopp

As Tier-One-Supplier for large OEMs in mechanical and plant engineering, Groschopp AG also designs, manufactures and implements - among other things - drive solutions for hand... more


E-Mobility: Joint Research Project ESKAM successfully completed

Drive module with oil-cooled electric motors made by Groschopp The company Groschopp AG has been one of the partners in the joint research project ESKAM (Electrically Scalable... more


Custom-made motors by Groschopp for manifold applications

In certain circumstances of application or where there are unusual spaces available, drives "off-the-shelf" are not suitable. In such cases custom-designed solutions are... more


Groschopp develops complete motor-housings

From manufacturer of motors to problem solver in many areas. The company Groschopp AG has grown in the past few years from a manufacturer and supplier of motors and drive... more


Everything is spotless: stainless steel motor for the foodstuffs industry

Groschopp AG offers numerous motor-reducer-gear combinations in robust stainless steel housings under the name Silver Line. These motors are mainly used in the foodstuffs... more


Robust specialized motors for honey-extractors

Groschopp AG has been supplying the company 'Bienen Ruck' for more than 20 years with custom-specific motors. These special drives are incorporated in tangential and self-... more