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Sustainability through Quality

Groschopp AG, as a ‘tier-One-Supplier’ for OEMs used in mechanical engineering, offers a wide choice of motors and drive systems true to their principle “Sustainability through Quality”.

Ever since 1948, Groschopp has been designing developing and producing complete plug-and-play-solutions. The principle “Sustainability through Quality” ensures that Groschopp drives and drive systems enjoy a long operational life. In terms of sustainability, Groschopp continually breaks new grounds by optimally using currently available potential. Hence, a great deal of Groschopp’s required energy is supplied using renewable energy components, and drive components are made of 100% recyclable materials.

In this way, the customer receives a compact and optimally designed drive system in respect of speed and efficiency for the intended application. We are your partner at all stages: from the time of development, design, prototype-production with subsequent testing, right through to assembly, serial production and installation, no matter whether standardised or customer-tailored designed.

In recent years, Groschopp has progressed from a manufacturer and supplier of motors and drive components to a provider of drive solutions. As Tier-One supplier for large OEMs in mechanical and plant engineering, Groschopp also designs, produces and implements complete plug-and-play solutions. No matter whether you require standardized or completely customized solutions - we accompany you from development and design via prototype construction and subsequent testing, up to assembly and series production.


    DC motors
    AC motors
    Servo motors
    Stainless steel motors


    Expert advice
    Electro lab


    Energy industry
    Pharmaceutical & Chemical industry
    Health care industry
    Packaging industry
    Food industry
    Textile industry
    Hygienic design
    Hand-held machines

Black Panther

Dynamic. Precise. Powerful. The Black Panther® is an electronically commutated servo motor of the third generation.

Vario VE40

This is the advancement of the Vario worm gear generation. Adaptable to any circumstance.                                                                                                                                         

Hygienic Design 

3 in 1 Hygienic Design. A modular concept for a cost-conscious implementation. 


Groschopp and partners from industry and research are developing a drive module for electric vehicles.

Pharma & Chemie

Integrated solutions with a high power density for all levels of process automation in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries - ....

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Health care industry

Health needs health care industry. Due to the demographic change, innovative medical devices are needed ....

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Packaging industry

A fast and efficient material flow as well as a quick processing of the goods and wares within the production process are essential ...

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Energy Industry

For the distribution of energy, Groschopp has been designing and producing customer-specific drives for medium- and high voltage circuit breakers  ...

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Hand-held Drives

As Tier-One-Supplier for large OEMs in mechanical and plant engineering, Groschopp AG designs, develops, produces and assembles ....

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Für Bereiche mit hohen Hygieneanforderungen hat Groschopp neue Edelstahl-Motoren mit integriertem Planetgetriebe entwickelt...

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Textile Industry

No matter whether drives are needed for spinning machines, stretch-texturing,    weaving, circular or flat knitting machines, or for textile finishing, Groschopp offers robust-built drives at attractive prices ...

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An innovative drive for electric vehicles. In the past, drives for electric vehicles were often too large, too heavy, too expensive and unsuitable for mass production. ...

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Food industry

In the industrial processing of foodstuffs, the requirements regarding hygiene standards are continuously increasing ...

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That’s what our customers say

Our customers, among others, come from renowned industrial companies. Long-term, successful collaboration has generated a close partnership. We are very grateful that, in conjunction with us, some of our customers gladly offered editorial contributions, and they also have assented to their names being included. These named customers are examples of our extensive trading branch. We are glad to discuss further references with you in private, should you so wish.

"Groschopp offers with this ‘Silver Line’-series a lot more than just the outer housing, but also a complete drive for high demands on corrosion resistance and easy-to-clean-properties."

Reiner Völksen / Sales / Knoll

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"The involvement of Groschopp generated ‘an immense engagement and support’, resulting in ‘a very good and marketable product’."

Forsthoff-Neeff / CEO / Forsthoff

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The technical know-how of the company Groschopp qualifies them as reliable OEM-partner and supplier of drive technology.

Hans Maag / CEO / Maag Mercure

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"The partnership with Groschopp has proved to be such a positive experience that we in ToolDrives see the potential for further joint projects and envisage an extension of our cooperation."

Volker Meier / CEO / ToolDrives GmbH & Co. KG

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"We are collaborating with Groschopp for more than 25 years. It all began with the fact that Groschopp designs customer-tailored drives for electrically driven wheelchairs."

Stefan Bröxkes / Expert for application technology / TÜNKERS

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Our company Max B. Martin has purchased motor components made by Groschopp for many decades.

Martin Brender / CEO / Max B. Martin

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Following a selection process of various vendors, DRIESCHER chose Groschopp

Bernhard Hobmaier / Head of Purchasing / DRIESCHER

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In the past, as well as now, Groschopp offers high-quality products at a good price/performance ratio.

Christoph Stephan / Head of R & D / Ubert

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Our outrage regarding the conflict in Ukraine can hardly be put into words. We are deeply dismayed and our thoughts are with the Ukrainian citizens. In order to express our...
Groschopp News&Presse

The Corona pandemic is unfortunately still having an impact on our business activities. The infection figures are rising again and with them the risk of infection. For this...

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