Elektronically-commutated motors

"Black Panther" is an electronically-commutated servo-motor of the third generation. Through continually optimizing the active core-elements (stator, rotor, magnets) and using a modern winding around single teeth, the power density could be increased by a factor 2 to 3 compared to conventional High-End-servo-motors. These motors, optimized for a sinusoidal current feed, are often described as 'rotating-current-synchronous servo-motors' and produce a very constant and steady torque when operated together with a servo-controller. The brushless AC-servo-motors, manufactured by Groschopp AG, are now perfected by this new, compact-built and dynamic type series EGK "Black Panther".

P: 170 W — 2300 W
n0: 3000 min-16000 min-1
UV: 325 V — 560 V
M: 0.6 Nm — 5.9 Nm