Reliable drives for pumps

In process measurement and analysis technology, the pumps used can warn of dangerous gas and steam leaks or take on control tasks to make processes more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. In the food and beverage industry, on the other hand, pump solutions convey and meter the desired media with high precision, resulting in high product quality. Pumps are also used in critical technologies such as semiconductor manufacturing to move liquids, create a vacuum for wafer processing, and extract chemical gases. On the other hand, it is used in agriculture to deliver fertilizers and pesticides. Because pumps often operate in the background, reliable operation is often not appreciated. However, many industries and regions are no longer viable without pumps and their technology. Here, too, the electric motor plays an important role.

With the Silver Line series, for example, Groschopp offers much more than a mere shell, namely a complete drive for high demands on corrosion resistance and cleaning properties. In the pilot plant of the leading food manufacturer Kraft Foods Germany, Groschopp's Silver Line motor-gearbox combination is currently running in fresh cheese processing.

Drive the pump reliably.