Be pleased to find an overview of the most important certificates and datasheets. For the 3D-Step files please visit our product pages.

Terms of Conditions

PDF icon General Conditions of Trading

Company reports

Figures, facts, perspectives: The current company reports of Groschopp AG

PDF icon Sustainability Report 22-23
PDF icon UN Global Compact 21-22
PDF icon Code of Conduct - Groschopp AG

For suppliers

We deliver quality - deliver with us!

PDF icon Code of Conduct - Suppliers


A short introduction to the important themes about our company and our products. 

PDF icon Image brochure_Groschopp_2024
PDF icon Flyer Groschopp AG
PDF icon Folder Groschopp AG
PDF icon Servodrive Black Panther
PDF icon Folder Silver Line
PDF icon Efficiency Line
PDF icon Gears

DC-Motors (housed)

Data sheets for housed DC motors

PDF icon KG70.pdf
PDF icon KG80.pdf
PDF icon KG94.pdf
PDF icon KG120.pdf

DC-Motors (skelton)

Data sheets for skeleton DC motors 

PDF icon KE50.pdf
PDF icon KE70.pdf
PDF icon KE80.pdf
PDF icon KE94.pdf
PDF icon KE120.pdf

AC Motor (skeleton)

Data sheets for AC motors (skeleton)

PDF icon IEK70.pdf
PDF icon IEK80.pdf
PDF icon IEK90.pdf
PDF icon IEK100.pdf