Health care industry

Drives for the health care industry

X-Ray Equipment

Groschopp offers modern drive-technologies with longevity for medical- and laboratory- techniques, e.g. for X-ray equipment and wheel chairs.

DC-motors and reducer gears are ideal for these functions on account of their dimensions and performance.

Laboratory Centrifuges

The requirements placed on table centrifuges for clinical and scientific application are manifold, and in most cases cannot be covered by motors 'off-the-shelf'. We design, produce and deliver customer-tailored solutions. Various technologies are applied depending on requirements. In most cases, induction motors are used.

Magnetic resonance imaging

We are your leading supplier of customer-tailored drive solutions for medical image-displaying equipment like computer-tomographic equipment and magnetic resonance maging in laboratory diagnostics. Our customers use predominantly permanent-magnet motors.


Saws For casts

Every cast- and plastic-bandage can be cut open securely and exactly with Groschopp-drives, thanks to our strong motors. Groschopp caters for any requirement individually and provides customer-tailored solutions including a complete housing.