Energy industry

Drives for the energy industry

Vacuum circuit-breaker

The manufacturers of vacuum circuit-breakers rely on drives that are operating at a 100% dependability, even if they have not been working for a full year. This 'assumed easy' task demands a high amount on robustness and quality.


Low-, medium- and high-voltage-circuit-breakers

Groschopp keeps the tension spring under tension, so that in case of an emergency the circuit-breaker functions properly. We are offering an extensive portfolio of switching equipment and switching systems. Thanks to our technical Know-how we guarantee a qualified accomplishment.

Earthing circuit-breakers

Earthing circuit breakers are used as a protection for personnel working on electrical tools/equipment and must, therefore, be absolutely reliable and failure-safe - even under most difficult conditions. 


Multiple-contact switch for transformers

Specially designed drive-systems for multiple-contact switches are employed. These  are controllable either in situ or via remote control. Both angular phase difference and output-voltage can be adjusted by using a multiple-contact switch.