Sustainability through Quality

Responsibility for the next generations

Through our vision and mission to focus on sustainable products in our everyday work life, we take a proactive stance to ensure the future of our generations. It is of utmost importance to sustain and protect the health of all our children and our children’s children – and this ethos is an integral part of our company policies. Our staff members share our vision and mission, and this is evident in our production of sustainable products of the highest quality.

Necessary Resources

We ensure wherever possible (i) responsible use of all resources; and (ii) the avoidance of pollution. Our objective is to cater for all demands without curtailing the success of future generations. In the interest of sustainability, our aim is to reduce unnecessary resources and eliminate those that may be detrimental to health. To ensure this, we have integrated these action points in our organisational culture; for, example: since 2014, we have shut down all energy-intensive machinery using highly inefficient energy. Further, the majority of Groschopp’s power demand is now supplied by using minimised CO2-energy. We ensure that we are kept up-to-date with the latest efficient initiatives and seek to employ such initiatives where possible. We also are continually analysing operating figures to seek ways for improving  the energy-efficiency in our company in a more sustainable and environmental-friendly way.

Recyclable Materials

All drive components are manufactured using 100% recyclable materials by the company Groschopp AG. Further, all drive units produced are designed to a maximum power-density while keeping the required design space as compact as possible. Efficient use of resources is made in the repairing of all drives. This ensures that we provide our customers with a sustainable and efficient compact drive-solution which still provides the highest efficiency and speed for the intended application.
Sustainability through Quality

At the R&D-stage, impeccable quality and longevity are core-points for every new product. Every drive unit should be able to withstand high-stress load, and function optimally even under extreme circumstances. All products are manufactured with longevity in mind, together with ensuring flexibility to allow for any future adaption should this be required. Our specialist team can evaluate prototypes and innovative ideas under controlled testing conditions. Further, we can redesign and re-test to ensure an end-product at the lowest-noise level in a cost-efficient way, to the satisfaction of our customers. We continuously improve the sustainability of performance and products through regular process checks, ongoing testing and training of staff.

Research Projects

We partake in research projects like 'e-Mobility' which has been developed in collaboration between medium-sized companies and research facilities. Projects which are sponsored by the German Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) set technical and progressive objectives on a continuous basis, thereby yielding products which are future-oriented. Being part of such projects is extremely important for us so as to ensure we instil the most efficient and sustainable environmental conditions for future generations.
The Big Picture

Sustainability does not just mean emission-reduction or adhering strictly to statutory specifications. Sustainability means so much more. For us, at Groschopp we believe that true sustainability also means ensuring the highest of standards so as to promote a more positive effect on our entire business activities – both economically and socially. In carrying out these activities, we prioritise environmental protection, technological developments, as well as changing customer requirements/demands – and with this in mind, we ensure high sustainable standards in the implementation of new product initiatives. The objective of our company is to guarantee long-term customer satisfaction with our products and services and to develop lasting sustainable concepts along the value-added chain and the entire cycle of the product-life. This is one of the ways that we can contribute to ensuring a more environmentally-friendly and sustainable future. We ensure that all drive-solutions offered by Groschopp are manufactured to the highest quality standards,  based on a combined long-term expertise and individual advisory service.   


Sustainability Report 22-23

UN Global Compact 21-22

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