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Everything is spotless: stainless steel motor for the foodstuffs industry


'Silver Line' is synonymous with a compact drive inside a stainless steel housing with round edges. This hygiene-conform design "without edges or corners" minimizes the accumulation and build-up of dirt particles. Surfaces are manufactured to fine limits and some are even polished, thereby reducing surface roughness even further. That is why the 'Silver Line' solutions fulfil specific hygienic standards and are resistant to corrosion in the pharmaceutical and foodstuffs industries. Meanwhile, the innovative drive-models made by Groschopp are a success: these special motors are used in dosing units, pumping systems, in the conveyor-technology and other industries.

However, using stainless steel for the motor housings poses other challenges to overcome: although the (stainless steel) material is particularly corrosion-resistant, its heat conductivity is quite low. In order to guarantee the required output for the respective design size, the motor concept has to be perfect. That is why tried and tested motor types are used as a basis for the various 'Silver Line'-models. "Our 'Silver Line' is ideal for end-users looking for specific hygienic or corrosion-resistant solutions," according to Thomas Georg Wurm, CEO of the Groschopp Sales Company.

Servo motors, found in the product range of Groschopp, are designed for highly dynamic positioning operations. These motors of type ESK are part of the 'Silver Line' family, comprising integrated electronics, which offers a maximum torque already at 'zero'-rotational speed. The diameter of the housing has been reduced in order to generate an advantageous heat transmission. Several different connection possibilities are available and depend on the designated field of application. The screw-connection is recommended, which classifies the drive's International Protection Class as IP69, whenever a watertight and compression-proof connection is needed. All ESK motors are equipped with a resolver encoder system as standard; however, Hiperface as well as EnDat 2.1, 2.2. can be ordered on request.

An alternative to stainless steel motors are drives in aluminium housings: the housing surfaces are sprayed with a special coating, so that they can be used in applications for foodstuffs processing. Groschopp has used drives in aluminium housings, which were coated with HART-COAT® respectively SILA-COAT®*, for applications at renowned producers of weighing technology and in packaging industries.

* This kind of protective overcoat is a brandname of AHC Oberflächentechnik GmbH.

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