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Groschopp develops complete motor-housings


As Tier-One-Supplier for large OEMs in mechanical and plant engineering, Groschopp AG also designs, manufactures and implements complete plug-and-play-solutions. To highlight this, Groschopp is exhibiting a custom-designed assembly-chassis, complete with controlling, timing and drive components at this year's SPS IPC Drives.

Gear parts, sensors and encoders have been directly integrated into the frame of the assembly, whereby the usual housings could be omitted and the number of required components  reduced considerably. The customer can 'click' the component assembly as a self-contained unit into the machine. All that is left for the customer to do is to connect the drive solution with the existing equipment via previously determined interfaces, and in that way reduce the assembly costs substantially.

Groschopp takes on part of the R&D-activities of the customer for projects of this kind, which contributes to a reduction of the development time. Complete component assemblies are validated and verified. Groschopp develops and also builds the necessary motor-testing-benches, and in that way the customer is offered 'the complete solution package'. The scope extends from single tests during the development phase up to the complete certification (like  UL, CSA, FDA), including the documentation for the serial product.

In addition, Groschopp advises in cases where motor or gear components are to be combined  with other drive components already in situ at the respective customer. As an example, Groschopp's experts from Viersen can produce stators or rotor cores; moreover, already existing laminated stacks, drive shafts etc. can be machined according to customer-specific requirements and/or integrated in existing housings.

In respect of housings, included in the scope of services, Groschopp has been developing for quite some time customer-specific and completed plastic housings like those used for hand-held motors. These housings are planned and developed using the requested dimensions and according to ergonomic requirements. Prototypes are produced using 'Rapid Prototyping'.

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