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Individually and conceptionally designed motors for benchtop centrifuges


The requirements placed on benchtop centrifuges for clinical and scientific applications are manifold, and in most cases cannot be covered by motors 'off-the-shelf'. As an established provider of specialized drives, Goroschopp has the necessary Know-how to design and manufacture suitable drive solutions.

"For many years, we have been supplying suitable drive solutions for well-known manufacturers of benchtop centrifuges", explains Wolf Meyer, production manager at Groschopp sales company. Regardless of whether a customer opts for induction-, reluctance- or commutator-motors, the drive solution must always satisfy the special requirements of the centrifuges. This is particularly important, especially when driving speeds can reach as high as 26,000 min-1. Despite the relatively high speeds, the appliances should under no circumstances get too hot during the operation. By individually designing a suitable winding, Groschopp can not only reduce the temperature rise of the motor, but also keep the energy usage at a minimum.

Motors used in benchtop centrifuges should, if possible, have compact dimensions, should operate quietly and without vibration. Important is the material distribution, e.g. the form of the flanges. It is also helpful to minimize the drive-shaft's 'bowing-under-load', which is achieved by designing the bearing clearance as close as possible to each other. The experts in Groschopp guarantee a most exacting concentric run-out by using a specially defined balancing quality. Even the selection and quality of the ballbearings, including their lubrication, have an effect on noise level and vibration. Groschopp verifies every single procedure by measuring inside the centrifuge. This is best possible way to optimize the motor's dependence in a particular centrifuge; and it is the best precondition  for centrifuges, in which everything 'runs truly round'.

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