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Compact, powerful and multifunctionally configurable


Compact, flexible configurable and powerful: the new low-voltage servo-motor EGK65-30 NA, made by Groschopp. This drive comprises an integrated servo-controller and needs only little design space. It can run from as low as 9 V supply voltage and is suitable for mobile application. This drive is configurable for any application due to its freely programmable software as well as for its flexible, electronic and design possibilities.

The motor EGK65-30 NA is an advancement of the tried and tested Black Panther-servo-motors made by Groschopp. The motors are characterized by extremely high power density, positioning accuracy and energy efficiency. Despite the compact controller electronics, there is no need to dispense with any function of traditional central controllers.  Due to the Windows®-based operating interface of the programming software, the drive can be parameterized comprehensively and without any previous special knowledge; an internally installed oscilloscope as well as an MPU-unit (Motion Process Unit) for personalized functions and adjustments are available. Various encoder-variants can resolve up to 13-bit per revolution. Digital input- and output-ports are available besides the CAN-interface, as well as analogue input-ports for controlling and timing of the motor; it has an output power of 130 W.

The motor EGK65-30 NA comprises an integrated servo-controller as well as the characteristics of the Black-Panther-motor. Due to its 'single-cable-solution' the cabling expense has been reduced to a minimum; it also needs less room, because the control cabinet can now be designed much smaller or can even be omitted altogether. The servo motor has been designed in a flexible way; it can be adapted to fit any application.

Modification on demand

Essential components of the motor are made at Groschopp, which enables the design of specialized solutions like special windings to make the drive suitable for individual applications in respect of voltage and output. Modifications of cables, plugs or mechanics can be realized should a customer have additional requests. The interface can be optionally changed from CANopen to EtherCAT, PROFIBUS, Modbus oder RS-232. Groschopp also offers a broad range of reducer gears to complete the drive. "We are continually developing our drives, and we will be able to offer PROFINET in the near future, as well as the safety function STO for the motor EGK65-30 NA", explains production manager Sascha Krause.

Ideal for stringent hygiene-demands

Low-Voltage servo motors do not need any cooling fins. This is why they are ideal for applications where stringent hygiene standards are demanded. Due to the smooth surface, the motor EGK65-30 NA can be cleaned quite easily. "The excellent cleaning characteristics are an "absolute must" in foodstuffs-, pharmaceutical- and cosmetic-industries", Krause points out. "That is why this motor is predestined especially for these branches, but also for textile-and packaging-machinery as well as for applications in logistics." A special coating can be applied to these motors for applications in equipments, where regular cleaning of dirt and bacteria with aggressive cleaning agents is demanded. Furthermore, the International Protection Class of IP67 can be extended up to IP69K.

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