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Action Session organized by the IHK (Chamber of Industry and Commerce)


In order to counteract an ever increasing estrangement between politics and business enterprises, the IHK has launched the action-session called 'Change-of-Shift'.

Boiler-suit instead of Business-outfit, earmuffs instead of mobile - Mr. Bockes calls it 'Change-of-Shift'. By invitation of the IHK of the Central Lower Rhine Region, this FDP (Free Democrat) Member of Parliament successfully completed a short-time hands-on training in the production processes of the company Groschopp AG Drives and More in Viersen. Regardless whether customer-tailored produced, or manufactured according to any special requirements made by customers, the company Groschopp AG develops and produces drive units, motors and controllers as well as complete drive solutions for small and medium sized equipments.

Please activate the attached video for any additional information. German video!



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