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The low-voltage-servo-motor EGK80-40 with integrated controller is an expansion of the 'Black Panther'-series.


The low-voltage-servo-motor of the 'Black Panther'-series made by Groschopp distinguishes itself by having extreme high power density, exact positioning and high energy efficiency. The drive specialist from Viersen has now expanded the successful low-voltage-servos by introducing a more powerful design size.  The new EGK80-40 comprises an integrated servo-controller and requires little installation space. Its operational low-voltages are up to a maximum of 60 V, which makes it particularly useful for mobile applications.

Compact and dynamic: The 'Black Panther' is an electronically-commutated servo-motor of the third generation. By means of optimising the active core elements (e.g. stator, rotor, magnets) and by implementing a modern single-tooth winding it was possible to increase by factor two to three its power density compared to conventional High-End-servo-motors; and  these motors, optimised for a sinusoidal current feed, and often described as three-phase-synchronous servo-motors, generate a constant and steady torque when operated with a servo-controller.

The expansion of the low-voltage-model range with the introduction of the EGK80-40 has certain technical advantages for their applications: the optionally generated sinusoidal commutation offers higher efficiency, excellent constant velocity (especially at lower speeds), low running noise and less heat generation compared to conventional block-commutation. This new model boasts the same characteristics as the forerunner model  EGK65-30NA, namely exact positioning, higher dynamics, and higher power density.

Integrated  Servo-Controller

Besides the well-tested characteristics of conventional low-voltage-servo-motors made by Groschopp, the EGK80-40 also comprises an integrated servo-controller. The amount of cabling and the installation room needed can be reduced to a minimum by integrating the controller, and the size of the electrical cabinet can also be reduced or even eliminated altogether depending on the application. Despite its compact electronic controller, it boasts the same functions compared to centralised controllers.

The fully integrated drive-concept requires no special training when combining the motor with the controller. It is, therefore, an "out-of-the-box" solution and ready for operation. Using the Windows®-based operation-surface of the programming software, the basic parameters of the drive can be adapted without any substantial prior knowledge. Complex processes can be programmed via several digital and analogue in- and outlets as well as an internal MPU (Motion Process Unit). The software also offers, besides monitoring-tools, functions like an oscilloscope-mode as well as various diagnostic and tuning functions. Besides CAN-Bus, the EGK80-40 can be optionally extended for a PROFIBUS-interface. PROFINET is at the planning stage and is expected to be available at the end of 2018.

Easily programmable owing to the integrated MPU (Motion Process Unit)

After parametrisation via the software is completed, the independent operation of the motor can be controlled using in- and outputs. Possible kinds of control are speed-regulation, positioning- and current-regulation. When speed-regulation is chosen, the motor, after being enabled, operates with a preset constant speed. Further, it is possible to store in the controller a complex path-programme and to check its movement. The highly-resolving encoder with up to thirteen (13) Bit per each shaft-revolution guarantees exact positioning. The current-regulation (or torque-control) serves as torque- and block-monitoring. Once such control is used, it is possible to load the motor up to a preset value for the current and for the torque. In the event that the required torque exceeds the set current value, the motor will stop. All modes of operation are flexibly designed and can be configured and designed to yield exact movement processes via the internal MPU.

The power output of the servo-motor is 350 Watts at continuous operation, while short-term current peaks of up to 50 Amps can be absorbed. Internal sensors monitor voltage and temperature on a continuous basis and will switch off the motor at overload. This ensures that no damage will occur for the user/customer. Current limits can also be preset using the software so that any deviation of nominal values are immediately detected as a malfunction and signalled via any digital outlet or read via CAN-Bus respectively via the installed interfaces.

Ideal for Mobile Application

The compact and dynamic EGK-series (Black Panther®) was originally developed for 325 Volt / 560 Volt systems. The tendency now is moving more and more to decentralised applications for motors and controllers. Groschopp now offers the 'Black Panther'- motors for low-voltages of 24 Volt up to a maximum of 60 Volt because more and more applications are battery-operated (i.e. low-voltage). The EGK80-40 can be integrated directly into any battery-operated system without time and effort and is, therefore, ideally suited for mobile applications which demand highly-dynamic acceleration- and braking-processes, high-efficiency factors and smooth and quiet running for torque- and speed-regulation. In logistics, for example, battery-operated autonomous shuttle-systems and driverless floor-borne vehicles are used to an increasing degree. System-voltages of either 24 Volt or 48 Volt are often applied. Servo-motors with the integrated controller are clearly advantageous in such applications. Although permanent-magnet DC-motors have similar characteristic curves like servo-motors, these DC-motors are far less efficient due to their carbon brush-wear, zero-positioning data and louder running noise, to name just a few factors.

A suitable Drive at all times

Owing to its easily programmable software and electronics and design-engineered possibilities, the EGK80-40 is configurable for every use and can be flexibly adapted to suit any particular application; for example, the in-house production at Groschopp makes it possible to develop windings for special drive solutions in order to adapt individual drives to any given circumstance in respect of voltage and power output; i.e. it is possible to design the winding of a standard motor for 48 Volt intermediate circuit voltage with speed 6,000 minˉ¹ in such a way that the motor can be operated at 24 Volt with speed 6,000 minˉ¹.

Modification of cables, plugs or mechanics is possible should these be required by the customer; this includes among other things adaptations of drive-shaft and flange, as well as the configuration of the controller, e.g. with alternative interfaces. Plugs can be altered into cable screw connections on request. A single-cable solution is possible depending on design size and requested signals. Models with brakes are optionally available. Groschopp also offers a wide range of reducer-gear models to complement the drive. The present standard drive is mechanically designed to suit the Groschopp-worm-gear VE31, as well as gear-models of the established manufacturers of planetary-reducer-gears.

Designed for easy cleaning

Owing to the smooth surface of the 'Black Panther'-series they are particularly easy to clean. The low-voltage-servo-motors need no cooling fins and are, therefore, well suited for applications where a high standard of hygiene is demanded, for instance in the foodstuffs-, pharmaceutical- and cosmetic-industries. These motors can be equipped with a special coating, and the International Protection Class can be enhanced up to IP69K for equipment which has to be cleaned from dirt and bacteria on a regular basis with aggressive cleaning agents. The motor types EGK65 and EGK80 are also available in stainless steel.

High performance despite small design-volume  

Higher efficiency, higher output and better constant velocity – the new low-voltage-motor made by Groschopp convinces with its excellent characteristics. The motor is easily programmable owing to the integrated MPU and can be used in various applications. Mobile applications in particular profit from the easy integration of the EGK80-40 into battery-operated systems. The enterprise in Viersen benefits from the low-voltage-servo-motors of the well-tested 'Black Panther'-series, which now comprises three model sizes (48, 65 and 80).

Technical Data

  • Operational Voltages:                        Output  < 60 Volt DC, electronics < 30 Volt DC
  • Nominal Current:                                 9 Amps, output current < 50 Amps
  • Safety Function:                                   STO
  • Power Output:                                      350 Watts
  • Operating Mode:                                  S1
  • International Protection Class:      IP 54 (up to IP 67)
  • Insulation Class:                                  F
  • Speed Sensor Resolution:                 12 Bit per every drive-shaft revolution
  • Inputs:                                                8 digital, 2 analogue
  • Outputs:                                             4 digital
  • Interface:                                           1x CAN


Composed by: Nabila Dewolfs, Sales & Marketing, Groschopp AG Dives & More, Viersen


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