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Second corona vaccination carried out successfully


Groschopp employees are vaccinated!

The preparations took several weeks to complete - vaccination area was set up, walkways marked, waiting zones defined.  On June 18, the time had come. The specialist for drive technology Groschopp AG starts with the first Corona vaccinations. The automation experts from Viersen presented their employees with a proposal for voluntary vaccinations.

In addition to its own employees, Groschopp also made an offer of vaccination to family members and external service providers at the beginning of the vaccination campaign, thus helping them to receive Corona vaccinations. In the past few days, 153 initial vaccinations have been administered. With the onset of the Corona pandemic, Groschopp has taken many measures to best protect its employees from infection. Hygiene and safety concepts, taking fevers before entering the company, providing masks, continuous information and "home office" work where possible were the order of the day.

So far, Groschopp AG has weathered the pandemic well. Especially where companies and enterprises are dependent on working in presence and can only implement home office to a limited extent, vaccinations of the workforce play a decisive role.

Wolfgang Pflug, CEO of Groschopp AG-Drives & More: "The well-being of our employees is particularly close to our hearts. By offering a vaccination, we want to show our employees that we want to offer them safe working conditions even during the pandemic. It was therefore clear from the outset that as soon as the opportunity arose, we would make an offer of vaccination. In this way, we have not only fulfilled our obligation to care for our employees, but also our social responsibility. A small contribution to a return to normality."

André Haase, Operations Manager at Groschopp AG-Drives & More, takes stock: "After weeks of planning and organization, we are very pleased with the very positive results on the first vaccination days. Both the team and those vaccinated are in good spirits. The second vaccination will start in four to six weeks.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those involved in this vaccination campaign, which has already been very successful for Groschopp. Our special thanks go to our colleague Olaf Claassen and our colleague Monika Stecken, for the great organization and the smooth running, and last but not least to Mr. Wolfgang Pflug, who made the vaccination campaign possible."

Done - The second vaccination took place on July 23rd and 28th

The second vaccination appointment also went smoothly thanks to good planning and preparation. There were no complications. To this day, all vaccinated employees and their relatives are doing well. Now everyone is hoping that something more "normal" will soon return.

However, one thing is clear:

Even if most of the people in our company are vaccinated - a lot is not yet known about the corona virus and its mutations, so great caution is still required in everyday interaction.


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