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Robust specialized motors for honey-extractors


The company 'Bienen Ruck GmbH', with headquarters in Wülfershausen/Lower Franconia, is a longstanding retailer, catering especially for beekeepers. This family enterprise markets its products via retail store, catalogues and the internet to beekeepers with up to 100 colonies of bees. However, Bienen Ruck is not just a reseller; they also have in their line of goods their own self-developed solutions, among them honey extractor equipment in a variety of types. "90 per cent of our motordriven extractors are equipped with Groschopp motors", explains Daniel Ruck, CEO of Bienen Ruck GmbH. "There is simply no better product for this special application available on the market."

Motors for honey extractor equipment need to be, above all, robust and long-lasting. "A beekeeper extracts honey about twice or three times per year; and every time the motor is expected to function flawlessly", says Daniel Ruck. Another special requirement is expected from self-reversal honey extractors: they are changing their sense of rotation every few minutes while extracting the honey from honeycombs. The motor must be capable of  supporting this cw- and ccw-rotation, which is by no means a matter of course according to Daniel Ruck: "Such motors are not easily found. Moreover, Groschopp is a very flexible partner, helping us in the development of our own products." For example, Groschopp successfully increased the motor/gear combination some years ago from 80 W to 110 W, in order to make the drive even more powerful, more robust and more fail-safe. This provides excellent prospects of a rich honey-yield, as well as a partnership that should last at least another 20 years.

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