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Custom-made motors by Groschopp for manifold applications


"We have established ourselves as a leading supplier of custom-designed drives in the industry", explains Thomas Georg Wurm, CEO of the Groschopp Sales Company.  The focus is on the production of medium to small size batches. The customer-tailored drives are normally based on the tried and tested standard products made by Groschopp and are adapted according to individual specifications. Creativity is almost limitless. Groschopp, with its headquarters in Viersen, is capable of realizing even unusual designs and can use special materials. Newly developed designs are also possible: the R & D department is located inhouse and boasts modern tools and equipment in a specially established prototype manufacturing department and inhouse laboratory. Groschopp supplies everything first hand, guaranteeing flexible and efficient processing of projects at all times.

One of Groschopp's long-standing customers is a renowned supplier of automation technology for the automotive industry. This customer offers an industry-standard model kit for established functions in the peripherals of robotics, comprising robust and low-maintenance components, which are designed for the extreme operational conditions of mass production in the automotive industry and its suppliers. Drive solutions supplied by Groschopp are used in electrical pivoting robotics. In general, Groschopp supplies custom-tailored, low-maintenance hollow-shaft-motors in aluminium housings, which allow custom-designed outputs ranging from 250 up to 750 Watt.

Groschopp is also renowned for customer-tailored drive solutions in the area of grill rotisseries. This is particularly so for environments with extremely high operational temperatures of grill rotisseries, and where the regular cleaning of the equipment pose special demands on the drives. Due to the high oven temperatures the motors have to be equipped with special windings in order to guarantee a trouble-free operation and a long life for the motor. It is no doubt that the manufacturer of such grill rotisseries, who is one of the main suppliers of technology for systems-gastronomy, has trusted Groschopp for many years with these drive solutions.

No matter whether drives are needed in the gastronomy sector, the automotive industry or other branches, custom-designed drive solutions made by Groschopp are proving their worth. "There are further areas of application possible like hand-held motors, various uses in the machine building industry and in medical technology", explains Wurm. "We can safeguard a high water- and corrosion-protection with our special stainless steel motors, which makes these units optimally suitable for the foodstuffs, pharmaceutical and chemical industries."

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