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Development of customer-tailored hand-held motors at Groschopp


Customer-tailored drives are a speciality of Groschopp. Examples of such drives are commutator- and servo-motors with integrated controlling and timing devices, found in dosing- and weighing-techniques, as well as stainless steel motors or such motors with special FdA-approved surface-coatings used in the foodstuffs, drinks, tobacco and pharmaceutical industries. Groschopp's portfolio also comprises high-speed drives in centrifuges for laboratory-, medical- and milling-technologies, as well as servo-controllers for conveyor technology and for the packaging industry. Groschopp's experts develop and produce complete drive solutions (reducer gear and automatic controls), including plastic housings and dead man's switch for industrial hand-held motors.

Groschopp occupies a special position in the area of hand-held motors. "Hand-held motors for our customers often fill professional market niches and are generally produced in small to medium batch sizes," according to Thomas Georg Wurm, CEO of the Groschopp Sales Company. "Compared to mass-produced products these drive solutions have to fulfill exceptional requirements." The design of a customer-tailored, hand-held electric device cannot be compared with other electric drives for a number of reasons, the main being that the housing is in direct contact with the end-user, and therefore numerous safety regulations are to be adhered to.

That is why, at the start of any development process in Groschopp, a detailed 'requirement profile' is generated, which contains groups of possible end-users as well as the 'field of application' for the drive. Following that, the 'corner stone' of the 'design-concept' builds the start for an attractive and proper functioning model-design. After consultation with the customer, the Groschopp-Team designs the drive using a 3D-CAD-programme. The 'Rapid Prototyping' is an essential part of the entire process, because every result can be checked and adjusted with it during the whole development processes until the product is ready for serial production. "We are developing technologically high-quality products with an attractive design, which fulfill the high demands of functionality and user-friendliness", outlines Thomas Georg Wurm. "We accompany the entire process, from the initial concept up to the serial production. In that way, the customer receives a custom-fit solution as an 'all-round carefree package'."

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