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New Drive Concepts for Industry and Electric Vehicles


Groschopp presents a new stainless steel motor with integrated planetary gear at the annual SPS IPC Drives 2017 from 28. to 30. November 2017. The company also displays the prototype of an innovative drive module for electrically driven vehicles, which was developed in cooperation with several other partners as a joint research project called 'ESKAM'.  

Modular   clean  cost-effective.

Hygienic standards in the industrial processing of foodstuffs are becoming more stringent each day. In order to comply with these standards, Groschopp has developed new stainless steel motors with integrated planetary gears, which fulfil all current technical requirements relating to hygienic standards. Due to an excellent cost/performance ratio of this new drive solution Groschopp offers an expedient alternative compared to traditional products. "It was our intention to integrate the reducer gear inside the stainless steel housing", reports Sascha Krause, production manager at Groschopp. "That way we don't need to attach an expensive stainless steel gearbox, but can use a more cost-effective standard planetary gear at much lower costs." Furthermore, due to the flexible design of the drive, additional appliances like controllers or motor-brakes can be easily attached.

The new drives are based on the type series ESK Silver-Line, on the more recently produced ESKH-stainless steel motors. These are designed in compliance with the guidelines of the EHEDG. The stainless steel housings of these motors are available in International Protection Class IP69K; they are highly resistant against chemicals and are particularly easy to clean. Independent of the mounting position, there are no flat surfaces, all inner and outer radii are greater than 3 mm, and there are no welding seams nor uneven areas caused by screws. The surface roughness is below Ra 0,8 µm. The hygienic design without  corners or edges prevents any build-up of dirt traps, and any bacterial remnants can be cleaned off easily. This  is advantegeous not only for applications in the foodstuffs industry but also in chemical- and pharmaceutical branches.

Innovative Drive for electrical vehicles

In the past, drives for electric vehicles were often too large, too heavy, too expensive and unsuitable for mass production. As part of the ESKAM project (Electric Scalable Axial-drive Module), Groschopp contributed to an innovative drive solution: the drive module for front and/or rear axle consists of two oil-cooled electric motors with gearbox and electronics. The advantage: the new Groschopp motors do not need expensive permanent magnets and achieve a far better efficiency during the actual driving operation compared with traditional electric motors.

You can find these new Groschopp motors at the SPS IPC Drives: Hall 1, booth 1-358.

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