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Robust AC-housing motors for versatile applications


AC-housing motors of the IG-type-series, made by Groschopp, are specially robust, reliable, and offer high performance. Moreover, they boast a good price-performance ratio. The continuous development and the intelligent design of induction motors enable various mechanical and electrical adaptations suitable for a broad spectrum of applications. Moreover, the IG-series can be combined with several reducer gears and a decentralized frequency converter.

Groschopp offers AC-housing motors of model range IGK/IGL, both in AC- and three-phase- layout. The single-phase models are predominantly used in fans, pumps, conveyor belt drives, cashier- and mixing-systems, while the three-phase motors are found in various industrial applications like metal-cutting-machines or in the conveyor techniques. Further applications are found in the foodstuffs-industry, in packaging machines and in medical engineering.

High efficiency factor and smooth surfaces

Fanless IG-motors made by Groschopp are characterized above all by their compact design,  high power density and great robustness. "Certain models designed over 30 years ago are still working and for which customers still request spare parts", reports Christian Skaletz, Product Manager at Groschopp. These induction motors comprise a wide range of speed regulation. "By using a frequency converter, the positiong range for our  IGK-motors can be varied from 8 Hz up to 80 Hz at 50 Hz normal frequency", according to Skaletz. This makes it possible for the motors to be operated at low speed on a continuous basis. Some further advantages of these AC-housing motors are their high efficiency factor and smooth surfaces. That is why they can be cleaned easily - and used without special coating in areas of high standards of hygiene, e.g. in the foodstuffs processing plants.

Modification possible according to requirements

These induction motors with convection cooling achieve the International Protection Class IP65 due to their closed housing: they are immune to outside influences and can be installed in numerous environments. On request, housings can be lacquered, hard-coated, sila-coated or made of stainless steel. Even various mechanical modifications in relation to flange, drive-shaft and brakes are part of the business activities offered by Groschopp. Moreover, the motor speed can be variably adjusted from 3,000 min-1 for the 2-pole models and 1,500 min-1 for the 4-pole models down to 750 min-1 for the 8-pole variants. Individual speeds are also realizable as well as some extra electrical adaptations in relation to working position, starting torque (zero-time) and electronics.

Groschopp manufactures all motors conforming to the highest German quality standards at various Groschopp-owned subsidiaries across the globe, in China amongst others. These motors are easily assembled and are available to customers as CAD-models on Groschopp's homepage.

All current IG-motors made by Groschopp are UL-certified and conform, therefore, to all safety regulations of the USA and Canada.


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