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Low Voltage-Servo-motor EGK80-40, an expansion of the Black-Panther-Series


Maximum power output combined with extremely good synchronous drive properties aided by sinusoidal commutation.

Compact, flexible and high power output: these are the motor characteristics of the Black-Panther-Series made by Groschopp. The company has now expanded this range of low voltage servo-motors, introducing the even more powerful model EGK80-40.

The Black-Panther-Series made by Groschopp has been expanded by introducing the model EGK80-40, which offers some technical advantages in its application: the optionally realizable sinusoidal commutation effectuates, when compared with the previous block-commutation, a higher efficiency, very good synchronous drive properties, notably at lower speed, as well as lower drive noise and lower heat development. Following its former model EGK65-30NA, this expanded model also features a high power density, positioning accuracy and dynamics.

Compact with a high power output

Besides having the well-tested properties of the former low voltage servo-motors made by Groschopp, the EGK80-40 also comprises an integrated servo-controller, which reduces the amount of cabling and space requirements to a minimum. This means that the control cabinet can be made smaller or, depending on the applicaton, can be eliminated altogether. In spite of the compact controller electronics, all functions like those of a centralized controller are available.

The motor can be parameterized without sophisticated prior knowledge by using the Windows®-based operator interface of the programming software. Complex processes can be programmed using various digital and analogue in- and outlets as well as the internal  MPU. Besides the monitoring-tools, the software offers several functions like the oscilloscope-modus, diverse diagnostics- and tuning-functions. It is also possible to expand the EGK80-40 with CAN-Bus optionally by adding the interfaces for PROFIBUS or PROFINET. It is possible to control via input/output the independent operation of the motor after completing the parametrization using the software. Possible control modes are: speed control; positioning and current control. The output power of the servo-motor is 350 Watts at continuous operation, while short-term current-peaks of up to 50 A can be absorbed.

Modification possible according to requirements

The EGK80-40 can be adapted to suit every use and can flexibly be modified to suit any individual application owing to its easy programmable software and its possibilities in electronics and design. The on-site production at Groschopp permits individual solutions for the motor winding in order to customize the drive for individual circumstances, e.g. concerning voltage and output. On customer request, modification can be made on cables, plugs or on the mechanism. Models equipped with brakes are optionally available as well. Moreover, Groschopp offers a broad range of reducer gears for the completion of the motor drive.

Hygienic and robust

It is quite easy to clean motors of the Black-Panther model-series due to their smooth surface. The low voltage servo-motors have no cooling fins and are, therefore, suitable for all applications where higher standards of hygiene are demanded. These motors can also be equipped with a special coating for facilities that have to be regularly cleaned as a result of dirt and bacteria, using aggressive cleaning agents. They can also be ordered in International Protection Class up to IP69K. The two models EGK65 and EGK80 can also be delivered made of stainless steel.


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