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IGLC-Motors – Better than standard motors


Standardised AC-motors

Worldwide known for customer-tailored and application-specific designed electric motors, Groschopp complements the portfolio by adding another type series comprising six standard drives.   These compact-built, air-cooled housed induction motors of type IGLC feature an excellent cost-performance ratio and a high energy-efficiency. Having output-performances between 40 Watts and 600 Watts, these IGLC-motors have a power density way above other comparable standard motors.

IGLC is an abbreviation for standardised, cost-effective AC-motors, manufactured in their familiar Groschopp-quality. These compact and robust induction motors are variable, long-living and are operating at a low noise level. They are built in International Protection Class IP 54, and in insulation class F. They are suitable for voltages of 400 V and 230 V.

Six models and two drive variants

The series IGLC comprises six different motor- models which can optionally be combined with tried-and-tested Groschopp-reducer gears VARIO VE31 respectively VE40 (worm-driven reducer gears) and SG 80 (spur-wheel reducer gears). The drive-shaft diameters of ordinary worm-driven reducer gears are 10 (ten) respectively 12 (twelve) mm, and they can be operated at a continuous torque of 15 Nm, respectively 45 Nm, relative to their ratio (5:1 … 75:1). The spur-wheel reducer gear is built quite compact due to its multi-stage design, and their continuous torque is 8 (eight) Nm at ratios of 4:1 up to 262:1.

The robust, compact-built induction motors of the model range IGLC, shown here in combination with a VE-worm-driven gear made by Groschopp, are variable, long-living and operate at low noise.


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