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"Sustainability through Quality" at the SPS Nuremberg


That is what you can expect                                in hall 1, booth 358

  • Customer-tailored drive solutions according to individual specifications;
  • Motors, reducer gears, controllers and control systems;
  • Motor components, ready for installation into existing appliances.

Advantages: High quality, long-lasting and economical drive technology.

Longevity, robustness, reliability and the excellent price-performance ratio guarantee a particular economic advantage for our customer-tailored drive solutions.

Groschopp attaches great importance to "Sustainability through Quality" throughout the development of every product, and by applying longer development cycles and advanced quality controls, Groschopp ensure that drive solutions can be securely operated even well beyond the warranty period.

Innovations at the SPS 2019

  • Servomotor with integrated  Electronic EGK 65-30NA

    • Precise – Flexible - Individual
  • Servomotor EGKZ

    • Robust – Powerful – Short delivery times
  • IGKU80-80 mit Edelstahlgetriebe

    • Optimal price-performance ratio – Efficient

  • Induction Motor-Housed IGLC

    • Optimal price-performance ratio – Short delivery times

In addition, Groschopp introduces quite a special project this year: it is an intelligent robot for the purpose of waste disposal, its main drive axis being activated by two electronically commutated low-voltage servo motors of type EGK 48-60 from the Black Panther-series made by Groschopp.

The robot emerged within the framework of a research project for students at the University of Novi Sad, Serbia. In addition, customer-specific drive solutions are a central point of interest at our booth No. 358 in hall 1. During the development of the autonomous robot, students at the technical faculty were left to single-handedly design, manufacture and program the robot.

The low-voltage servo-motor required limited modification as part of the application within the framework of this University project; nevertheless, it is well known that Groschopp knows no boundaries in designing individual and specific solutions for all kinds of applications. From the adaptation of voltage or output via modification of cabling, plugs, and mechanics as far as interfaces like CANopen, EtherCAT, PROFIBUS, RS-232 or PROFINET: everything is possible.

 Visit us at SPS in Nuremberg. We will be available from 26.-28. November 2019 in hall 1, booth-No. 358.


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