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Ukraine war - How does Groschopp react and which impact does it have on the supply of our customers?


Our outrage regarding the conflict in Ukraine can hardly be put into words. We are deeply dismayed and our thoughts are with the Ukrainian citizens. In order to express our solidarity and to underline that we will not tolerate or accept such actions by an aggressor in any case, we have stopped business relations with Russian companies with immediate effect. We will no longer supply open orders.

Our Executive Board commented as follows:

"It is necessary to re-evaluate business activities with Russia and its henchmen in the light of current events. This violation of all international law with its humanitarian consequences must be deeply condemned. Thus, business interests must be subordinated to any measures that could have the potential to bring about an end to the fighting in Ukraine."

The sanctions imposed also present us with concrete challenges that we must meet. We are not yet in a position to assess the extent of the sanctions precisely, but it is clear that they will be severe and will further exacerbate the already tense supply situation. We have therefore set up a working group specifically to deal with this issue.

If we notice any specific impact on our production or delivery dates, we will inform you immediately.

Close communication is the order of the day in times like these. We are very determined to continue to master the challenges of the future in a good and cooperative manner with you.

Best regards from Viersen.

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