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New two-stage spurwheel gearbox


High ratios and high efficiency

With the ZK series, Groschopp is launching new gearbox variants that offer high gear ratios and good efficiency thanks to the combination of worm and spurwheel gearbox stages. The ZK30 gearboxes are made of aluminum and, in combination with the manufacturer's induction or servo motors, represent a particularly efficient and economical solution. In addition, they are robust, highly durable and quiet in operation. Thanks to integrated mounting surfaces, the gear units can be used in a variety of ways.



Like the predecessor models Z14 and Z20, the ZK series is used wherever an angled outlet or a compact size are required. The ZK30 is available for a nominal torque of 30 Nm, with further versions for 50 Nm being planned. Combining a worm and Spurwheen Gearbox, the new ZK30 gearbox offers ratios from 34.5:1 to 690:1 and significantly better efficiency than two-stage worm gearbox. The worm stage and Spurwheel  gearing in the spur stage also ensure quiet operation. In addition, the new gear units feature easy mounting.

For applications in harsh environments such as the food, pharmaceutical or chemical industries as well as in the offshore sector, Groschopp offers the easy-to-clean gearbox variant ZKS30 in stainless steel.

Output variants to meet the customer's needs

The new gearboxes offer further added value such as the ball bearing and the 14 solid shaft or 15 hollow shaft in the output. The load capacity of the output shaft is 300 N radially and 140 N axially. The radial load of the hollow shaft depends on the design of the stub shaft. In addition, application-specific output variants are possible. As an experienced drive specialist, Groschopp offers a wide range of robust, durable, application-specific gearbox motors already filled with lubricant for various industries.


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