P: up to 800 W
Pmax: up to 2000 W
UV: 230 V
UZ: 325 V
I: up to 5 A

Technical Data

  • Power Supply: 24 VDC
  • Safety function: STO
  • Access: 6 digital, 1 analogue
  • Outlets: 4 digital, 2 analogue (-10...+10 V)
  • Holding Brake: 24 V; 2 A
  • Encoder: Absolute Encoder (Hyperface, EnDat), Resolver, SinCos
  • Interface: 1x USB, 1x CAN, Ethernet
  • Operating Voltage: 230 VAC
  • Ambient Temperature: 40 °C max.
  • Nominal Output: 800 VAC
  • Output max. for 2 s: 2,000 VAC

Product Description

The performance of the new servo-controller RBD-S+ made by Groschopp has an output of 800 VA, almost twice as powerful compared to its predecessor. It can intuitively be operated and is ready for any intended application using minimal manual set-up. The initial operation can be attained by using either the controller itself or via Ethernet or its USB-connection. The RBD-S+ offers solutions for multifunctional applications in plant engineering; it can be used either as torque-, speed- or positioning controller, and can optionally be operated with or without a superordinate SPS.

Integrated positional control                                                  The RBD-S+ has an integrated positioning-control with a large range of functionalities for a smooth time-optimized positioning. All relevant positions can be chosen either relative or absolute to a reference point. Even the point-to-point positioning of simple manual handling systems is possible. The RBD-S+ is also equipped with a CAN Bus-interface for the implementation in combination with a superordinate SPS. There are also additional EtherCAT- and ProfiNet-extension modules available. 

Remote Maintenance via smartphone      

The RBD-S+ can be equipped with a Bluetooth-interface, enabling it by means of a specially developed App to be operated by either smartphone or tablet.

The ideal combination

Servo-motors made by Groschopp are precisely designed for operation with the controller. Motors of the model range Black Panther and Silver Line are distinguished by a low torque of inertia and, simultaneously linked, high dynamics and high power density. These motors are especially suitable for applications in foodstuffs- and pharmaceutical-industries.