AC Motors (housed) standard


Groschopp offers customers, in addition to customer-tailored drive solutions, PANDA-line standard drives ex stock or with short-term delivery times. PANDA-line drives are characterised by their excellent price-performance ratio and are air-cooled induction motors with rated power output from 60 Watts to 600 Watts. These motors are suitable for a combination with any of the well-proven single-stage worm reduction gears VARIO VE31, VARIO VE40, or the multi-stage spur wheel reduction gear SG 80.  

  • Fan cooling
  • More power despite resuced design space
  • Motor insulation class F
  • Protection IP54
  • Operation mode S1
  • Phase insulation
  • Available with B14 IEC-flange


P: up to 600 W
n: up to 2850 min-1
UV: 230 V — 400 V
M: up to 273 Ncm