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New generation stainless steel motors


For all applications where weight reduction, corrosion resistance and economy are important. Whether induction, DC or permanently excited synchronous motors (servo motors) - Groschopp now offers motors in every functional principle in stainless steel. The various stainless steel motors from Groschopp are not only robust, durable and versatile, they also achieve extremely high output power depending on the cooling concept.

Ingeniously simple and extremely price-conscious

In industrial food processing, the requirements for cleanliness and hygiene are constantly increasing. Groschopp has been developing, manufacturing and selling application-specific miniature drives up to 3 kW as well as complete solutions for small and medium-sized plants since 1948. The best ideas are often simple: Almost all electric motors from our portfolio can also be integrated into a stainless steel housing. This means that they can now also be used in industries where drives have to withstand robust cleaning and where corrosion-resistant solutions are required - such as in the offshore sector or in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. The technical properties of the stainless steel drives do not differ from those of Groschopp's aluminum motors. Only the output power is somewhat reduced in continuous operation with convection cooling, but with air or water cooling, significantly higher values are achieved compared to other stainless steel solutions on the market.

Stainless steel motors with unbeatable output power

For example, a convection-cooled stainless steel induction motor with an outer diameter of 115 mm in the ISK80-60 size, operated on the mains, achieves an output power of 120 W. With air cooling (ISL80-60), 400 W and in the water-cooled version (ISW80-60) even 470 W are possible.

The convection-cooled servo motor ESK80-80 of the Silver Line ® series was designed according to the guidelines of the EHEDG and reaches an output of 470 W. The ESL80-80 with air cooling and the ESW80-80 with water cooling achieve a maximum output power of 2600 W at a speed of 6,000 1/min - this is significantly more than comparable stainless steel motors of this size on the market.

Depending on the application and its requirements, Groschopp develops customized drive solutions consisting of motor, gearbox and power electronics.

We will be happy to advise you personally on selection and configuration. We are always available by e-mail and during our operating hours via telephone.

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